All facets of the project development including research, planning, evaluation, design, bid procurement and construction administration for private/public infrastructure projects.

  • Site Assessments/Feasibility Studies
  • Site Plans
  • Storm Water Drainage Plans/ Detention Facilities/Excavation & Mitigation Plans
  • Roads/Bridges/Parking Lot Designs
  • Wastewater Collection Systems/Pump Stations/Low Pressure Sanitary Systems
  • Water Distribution Systems/Utility Extensions
  • Recreation & Municipal Facilities/Commercial Centers
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Project Coordination for Building Permits
  • Local & TXDOT Permitting


Environmental constraints/critical habitats; permitting processes; high wind and flood loads factors for storm events; floodplain mitigation and challenging soil conditions for projects for individuals to Ports.

  • Bulkhead/Shoreline Protection Systems
  • Mooring & Breasting Structures
  • Pile Foundations &  Platforms
  • Marinas/Boardwalks/Piers/Boat Houses
  • Dredging Plans/Maintenance Permits
  • Waterfront Facility Design/Expansions
  • Dock Assessments & Inspections
  • Regulatory Permits - Municipal, State & Federal


Analysis and design from footings to finite element analysis (FEA) for complex structural framing systems based on high wind conditions for commercial, industrial, petrochemical, public and private markets.

  • Structural Assessment and Inspections/Code Reviews
  • Residential & commercial Building Foundations
  • Storage Tank & Equipment Foundation
  • Reinforced Concrete/Piling Foundations for Elevated Structures
  • Concrete Tiltwall Buildings/Masonry Wall Design
  • Steel and Timber Design and Analysis
  • Pedestrian Walks and Bridges
  • Finite Element Analysis & Numerical Modeling
  • Windstorm Design and Inspections